Blue screen

Danilo - Feb 24, 2016 at 05:26 AM
Hi ppl i hawe 1 problem?! ok! me PC works fineee i play all day games programs and everthing is OK. But when i go to sleep i trun off me pc and i also turn off me monitor (no blue color :P ) :D then when i wake up i turn on me PC and Monitor also me PC i hear everthing is work and monitor onle blitz blue color and dont want to show picture ! i was thinks is problem is driver of monitor bcz its worked when i notice thet problem on GENERIC NON PNP MONITOR ! I instal driver monitor and again same things when i turn on PC work and monitor same things blue onle blitz ! and i what do? :D just unplug cable from monitor to graphick card and turn ON again in card ! and i got picture ! what can be problem? pls help its piss me off :D