If cell equals text, then value/Formula

Eesh - Feb 28, 2016 at 05:38 PM

BACKGROUND: I am working on a budget and I'm paying down debt using a waterfall. I have a list of debts on a "Data Entry" tab, and I have the payment schedule on the "Results Tab".

The top row in the Results tab includes the date (which is a formula). When I owe an amount for a bill in a certain month, a particular cell is blank. If I pay off the bill in a particular month, the cell that corresponds with the bill for month will say "Paid Off" (after the first"Paid Off", all cells in the row will say paid off because it is tied to a zero balance).

For Example, If I pay off a credit card in May 2016, D1 says "May 2016", Cell D21 will say "Paid Off" (and, Cell D20 includes a formula but no next, and every cell in row 21 after column D will say Paid Off."

Ask I want a cell (on a different tab) to tell me the Month (top value in each column) when a bill is first "Paid Off". i

Can someone help?