Checking Spreadssheet against Raw Data

gideon - Feb 28, 2016 at 08:51 PM
I'm fairly new here. Let me thank you for your input in advance.

I've created a master workbook with spreadsheets of the different system accounts for review. I have created a share with the raw data of each system accounts to be review, e.g. Local admin, generic account etc.

Now, I'd like to run a macro that checks the raw data against each worksheets on my workbook. The macro must be able to.
1. Check each account worksheet against the its raw data.
2. Depending, it should identify any new or missing account on the raw data and enter that information on the appropriate worksheet on my workbook.
3. After that is done, run a separate that checks all the spreadsheet on my workbook and generate a report with the result for each.

I understand this is a challenge but would be good if we can get it to work.