Add data on 2 tables at once but in table2 only if text match

Luis - Mar 10, 2016 at 10:50 AM
Hello Excel experts.
I have 2 tables in separate sheets, I am using a userform to populate table1 and I need a formula to populate table2 as new data it's entered on table1 but only add to table2 if the new data inserted in one of the columns matches a certain text value.
so far I have tried something like this on table2 for one column and if worked, I intended to use similar formula for the other columns but since in this formula the text exist in a cell some where within A1 to A1000 the result are true every time


What I am trying to achieve it's for the user to enter the data and if the data they enter matches TheTextValue (Cash) to automatically enter part of that data on the second table, so the user wont have to go to the second table to do that every time or more likely forget to enter it.
I hope my question isn't confusing
I will appreciate all answers, Thanks to all in advance.