Display panel cable

curiousguy - Mar 10, 2016 at 02:30 PM
In my laptop display panel cable from motherboard in divided into one output going to LCD screen and one going to webcam

My part of the cable that goes to webcam is burned but part that goes to LCD is safe. So when i swithc on my laptop my screen does not turnig on and laptop is signaling motherboard issues .
So I guess that if I cut the webcam part from cable and webcam won't work that's fine with me but my screen can turn on so I cut the wire and turn on the laptop laptop screen down not turn on and laptop indication motherboard error.
Please suggest mewhat to do as new display panel cable is not available.
Is there anyway I can stop motherboard from giving signal to webcam so that motherboard can detect the cut wire and my screen will be turn on.

Thank you in advance