Monitor loses signal sometimes after restarts

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Friday March 11, 2016
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March 11, 2016
Hi, currently using windows 7. Never had this experience before but recently my computer started to lose signal to the monitor. I'd turn the pc on and the monitor would just stay dead. Only way around it is to boot into safe mode, uninstall and reinstall the video drivers and the pc would start up fine. It doesnt do this every day but seems to happen fairly often now.

The motherboard does have an onboard video adaptor, though I cant seem to find the option anywhere in the bios to manually select the video card as my default option instead of the onboard. I did disable it in the device properties area hoping this would fix the issue. I do connect my system to a separate tv so that the pc is running both monitor and tv at the same time. I cant seem to figure it out as I've chcked my resolution settings, boot up options, reinstalled updated drivers, nothing seems to keep it from happening. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.