Windows xp black screen

kazemiya - Mar 14, 2016 at 10:30 AM
Hello, i have long lasting occasionally black screen of the dead on computer. I am using windows Xp sp3, intel core 2 duo, 2gb ram, with 2 Hdd and 2 dvd rw. When i am start the computer, i am able to reach windows xp welcome screen and then when it just about to enter my user log in screen ,my screen become black and the monitor power lamp change from blue to yellow.. (as if my cpu is turned off or enter stanby mode) . My keyboard is still functioning, i can turn on/of numlock button, i still can eject my dvd rom, Hdd light is still blinking as if working normal, but nothing happen on monitor. Ussually i press reset since there nothing i can do. The next time i restart, my xp working fine again, but when i try to restart (again) or shut it down and turn on again, the problem reappears again. I had try the last known good configuration. It's temporarily solved the problem, but the problem ussualy appears again after 1 or 2 days again. Mostly restarting the window solve the problem, the other time it doesnt, and it dissappeared again. The annoying problem is that I can't figure out nor found out the error's pattern becoz the occurance of the black screen is really unpredictable. Aside from updating my avg antivirus ,I never connected this com to internet nor i installed new device or software. With note, i keep 12 file that contain Trojan horse which come from a crack from old games, and i believe it's not the source of problem, since the games also already there long before the problem occur, though i am not really sure. And also i got the same and more severe problem with previous desktop computer (they'r black screen, bosd, and restarting again and again).. strangely, this problem appears again in my new (current) computer. Anyone know what's the problem with my desktop pc? Please guys,I really really need help to fix this. Any help will be very appreciated.. thank you very much. Sorry english isnt my native lang, so i faced limitation in my grammar.