Mac osx: is there a log of bluetooth pairing codes? [Closed]

Can you help me?

I bought an iPhone 5 about two months ago. I didn't set up a passcode for it, I didn't synch it with itunes, icloud or anything like that.

I took a bunch of images and videos with it over those two months. The other day I tried to use bluetooth to pair it with my macbook pro, operating system osx. It gave me a randomly generated six digit "pairing code" to input into my iPhone.

When I did this, I must have accidentally set the pairing code as the passcode. The attempt to connect via bluetooth failed. Now I am locked out of the phone, and it is asking for the passcode. I do not have or remember the pairing code that was generated. I do not want to erase the phone and lose all my images and video.

My question is: is there a log file somewhere inside the macbook pro that remembers and can show me the bluetooth pairing code?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.