Keyboard and mouse not working well

jbs - Mar 24, 2016 at 04:13 AM

i am running a windows 7 ultimate in my hp compaq 510 and i use external keyboard and mouse ever since. it was running smoothly over the years, not until the other day when my keyboard and mouse started working oddly.

when i click on my mouse, it highlights everything in the page even if i just hit it once and quickly. when i select something in my file, it select all. it should only select the item i clicked on.

my keyboard controls, alt, startup, shift buttons are not working properly. for instance if i click on shift plus 1, it should give me an exclamation mark but it still gives me 1. when i click on the caps lock, it wont revert back to lower case unless i restart my computer. in short i cant make use of those things using shift plus specific key... sometimes, i cant click on the numbers, just the shift keys.