Monitor is black. But turns on when it feels like it [Closed]

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Sunday March 27, 2016
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March 27, 2016
I'm not a specialist, but I know a little about random problems and what to check, but this is do messed up I dont know where to look. Ill try and simplify everything and make it as clear as I can. I have two monitors, one is connected with HDMI (works fine for over 2 years), the 2nd is relatively new connected through DVI cable (the one with a - not a +). And it turns on and off when it wants, the blue led is still lit indicating it has power. I leave it on and it turns on sometimes for a day or two and then it goes off for a week, and repeat. I tried connecting it to my laptop, same thing black screen. However, when it is unplugged from everything, besides the power cable, its still black. I tried everything. Btw its an 'Acer K242HLbd 24 inch LED Monitor'.

If anyone knows anything and can help me out, I think its the monitor tbh doubt its my PC as it didnt work with anything else and screen was black without any connection, not even a ' no connection message or anything completely black as if its turned off. Thanks a ton for any feedback this is driving me insane.