Toshiba black screen and f keys just beap [Closed]

So, I do my usual check up on my computer, put in a new battery my last one stopped working. Computer is working great no problems. Next day I do a factory reset to wipe my computer, I leave it since I did it before on my other laptops. I come back a few hours later turn on my laptop. Everything looks normal at first-the usual toshiba innovation screen pops up and the black screen with the white line at the top. Now normally it would just go straight to Windows, but to my dismay the screen stays black. Now it's working, it's on I can hear the fan and everything and the computer screen is working it's just stuck on a black startup. I try to press the F8 to try a restore I get this loud beap same for other f buttons. I have tried the whole take out the battery and plugs n hold power for 30 seconds still nothing. I am hoping someone can point me into the right direction and tell me what to do cause I have no idea.
Toshiba satellite l755-s5244