Very badly hacked

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Sunday April 10, 2016
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April 10, 2016

I have been on FB since its launch. I have 2000 friends. I also have pages of friends that have passed away that I sometimes for me.

I have thousands of photos.

I do not want to delete my account.

For the last 24 hours my FB account has sent out possibly thousands of none existent videos to my friends list.

Opened over 100 false pages and made me admin only I have no control.

On my wall videos with thousands tagged.

In real time they do it whilst I am on line.

Of course I changed my password....made no difference

FB thught i was making illegal actions and limited my account.

I have diengaged my account twice and both times found hundreds of messages in my inbox to my frind list....more than once.

Six months ago Safari stopped working on FB but after 20 messages to FB they have ignored me. Safari still not working.

I turned to Firefox which i think has loads of spyware.

Google Chrome is the one I am on presently which saw this infection.

I use an Apple Mac Book all software up to date and virus free.