Can not log in or download hulu

Leo - Apr 15, 2016 at 07:41 AM
I don't have Internet at home I live in a apartment complex ,there are ppl who have optimum wifi which is from a local cable , so it is a Hotspot so my mom gave me user name n password so I can set up my ps3 using my mac address to acesss the Hotspot .I can connect to it and it shows 100 percent and the nat type is 2 but as soon as I start to download Hulu psn signs me off or my ps3 freezes . I also have movies in ps3 that play with no issues and Netflix and YouTube do play but at times they stop steaming to load .I ordered a net gear wifi extender hoping that it will help in anyway but before I do try this I wanted to know if there is something else that I can do to stop this lag and freezing of my ps3