Satellite Windows 7 amd64 Satellite L850D reboots randomely

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Sunday April 17, 2016
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April 17, 2016
When I 1st bought this laptop it wouldn't play videos, I updated the tosh display drivers and same, WMP/BRDVD/VLC-64, I flattened it to OEM disk image, Tosh teck guided me through the tosh upgrade, nothing, same, then I called AMD, installed their driver and videos wouldn't reboot/freeze/BSD dump.

Now I have reboot automatically every 15-20 minutes, PITA, can't upgrade to Win 10, can't download drivers unless fast internet connection is present, disabled automatically reboot in advanced comp properties, activity center has myriad errors, web browser, script coding, virus scan stopped working, on and on and on.

Reinstalled Realtek NIC, reinstalled AVG.

I have uninstalled all Toshiba 3rd party software, many of them AVG noticed the "unknown malware" threat with setup.exe.

Will consider overheating, tired of doing PC/Laptop distributors job by fixing their crap, leaning toward lemon law suite.

Any assistance would be appreciated!