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May 5, 2016

Overall goal to open pdf files, copy information to excel sheets & close pdf files. From reading material on web it might be easier to convert pdf to html then csv/txt file. I have thousands of folders/files to muddle through. The free pdf converters out on web seem to only work on 1 file at a time & emailing converted file. Not sure if correct path to consider or another way to tackle this beast.

Currently using W7, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Excel 2010

1) directory with folder
2) within have subfolders (naming convention varies)
3) Looking for pdf files have title name ".._Vt_ & ..._IdSat_" in each folder (naming convention varies of each file exception _IdSat_ & _Vt_)
(example L7386_Rxxx_MVN_IdSat_5.0V.pdf & L7386_Rxxx_MVN_Vt_5.5V.pdf)
4) Is there a way to Capture the naming of the pdf file into excel sheet? (since pdf image does not have this information)
5) the pdf files have 3 pages BUT only interested in 2nd page data values & ignoring graph

info of data ALWAYS follow pattern: example below (& IdSat)

Parameter name: Vt(Ext) Fwd, Fail criterion: 0.1 Volts
Predictor: Vd: 5.00 V (*voltage value will vary)
Confidence Level: 90%
log(Time)= 26.7401 *log(1/vd) + 22.7990 (*values always vary)
Predicted Fail Time A B
Upper: ## yrs ## ##
Best Est: ## yrs ## ##
Lower: ## yrs ## ##
6) closing the pdf files
  • ## means value of numbers will always vary

Any help would be appreciated.