I can't access my hotmail account

squiz - May 10, 2016 at 09:34 PM
Hello, I recently purchased a new phone and had to erase all of the phone contents and back it up through icloud. However, since i have backed it up, i havent been able to access my emails. I have had this email account for approximately 18 years. I have been through the security and ID verifying process several times and it keeps telling me that i havent given enough information, despite me trying several times and with different answers (that are all correct). I then went through (i thinks it was called Qoura?) and once i put in my last known password, it told me that the password i put in was correct. However, after changing the password to a knew password (as it prompted me to do so), it still said that the password was incorrect. Im not sure what to do next or how to log into my email. Can you please help?

Susanne Farrow

My work email is the email that i am using temporarily as i cant get access to my emails.

My email account that i am trying to gain access to again is - ***@***