Cannot Log In To FB On Computers

Oscarsnan Posts 1 Registration date Saturday May 21, 2016 Status Member Last seen May 21, 2016 - May 21, 2016 at 02:45 AM
Hi All,

My problem seems very weird to me and others I have asked for help. I temporarily deactivated my account for 7 days. I logged in to my account on the 8th day on my iPhone and iPad - a few issues but after a change of password, all was good........until I tried to log in on my laptop, then my desktop.........keep getting the same issue: I can see my page but as soon as I try to do something, eg "like" something or post something, I get a banner come up on the screen telling me I need to be logged in, but when I enter my password, the screen keeps going back to the log in screen. I have cleared the history, restarted computers several times and even tried to log in on my son's laptop (which I have never used before) but I cannot log in on either laptops or desktop computers, although I am still able to be logged in with full functionality on my iPhone and iPad.
Does anyone have any suggestions please? I am totally confused and frustrated after 5 days of trying several times a day to log in on laptop and desktop. I tried using a different browser, but still got the same result.
Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.