Generate multiple sheets from master sheet

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I really need help in this, I am not very good in programming in Excel, if you can guide me that will be very helpful.Willr eally apprecaite it very much

I have a master sheet with approximately 345 rows of data for workers, and I want to make a separate sheet for each worker. so that I can print each workers sheet sperarately.

The headers in the master are A:K (Name, Type, Deposit, Refund, hire date, term date, SSN, total, years worked, Rate)

I want the data in each sheet to be displayed in two colums A and B
Name John Smith
SSN 000000000
years worked 1
Type new
Deposit 100
Refund 50
Total paid 2000
Rate 1000
amount owed = Deposit - Refund (100-50=50)
Overpaid = Total paid-Rate-Amount Owed(2000-1000-50 = 950)