Asus A451LB-WX077D Won't Turn On

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Monday May 23, 2016
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May 23, 2016
I hope someone could answer my problem:
I have Asus A451LB,it's about 3 years old and it usually works just find.A couple of weeks ago my laptop suddenly won't turn on when i press the power button.I tried to plug the charger to my laptop and I notice the battery light is green even though I didn't connect the plug into electricity yet(only to laptop) my dismay it's still didn't do anything except now the battery light on laptop is green.I tried to hold the power up button for 45 second and the only change that i got is the green light is turned off for a couple of second and turn on again(this make me realize nothing wrong with the power button).Feel desperate I just leave my laptop on top of my bed for about 4-5 days unplugged and never touched in any shape or form...surprisingly when i tried for some reason to turn it on again it worked perfectly and nothing out of ordinary when i check all the program inside...feeling giddy about it i just leave the problem on the back of my head...oh how i was mistaken,the problem comes again yesterday starting from my laptop suddenly on random occasion start to log off when i was playing some game(log off as when i press the power button it came back to the point where the log off starting,something which i consider called "Hibernate").Today when the problem reach its peak(just assumption)laptop can't be turn on again and back to the problem weeks ago.I hope someone can make some suggestion on what's exactly the problem are before i go to Asus Service Center.