Need to look up multiple values and return a value from that row

GD - May 23, 2016 at 04:12 PM
I have a large spreadsheet where within one cell I need to look at the entire file for a value in a certain column that matches the value on a certain row and also matches the opposite value on the same row it just found and returns the value for another column that matches that row. I know that doesn't make sense.

So let's say on row 20, cell DH20, I want to look at column AF in the file and find an exact match to what is in AF20 AND I also want it to find the opposite value of AQ20 and if it matches those two I want it to put in the value in DH20 of whatever was in column AS of the row that met those requirements.

Basically I have a file where I'm trying to get whatever value is in a certain column that corresponds with the matching description and the opposite dollar value of the row I need the answer in.