Help with writing macros

I'm hoping someone who knows alot more than me about Macros can help me. I've been trying to get my head round writing Macros for ages now with no luck.

I'm trying to create a budget spreadsheet in OpenOffice Calc Version 4.0.0 running on Windows XP.

I'm trying to write a Macro that I will connect to a push button that when run will present the user with a drop down options box with the months of the year.
Depending on the users choice will then look in the tab named "Savings", search in between C7:C999 for matches to the month the user selected and copy data in columns A and B from the matching rows and paste it in the tab named "Budget" on the next available row in columns A and C respectfully. (The next available row will change depending on how many entries are already on that tab so will need the macro to find this. There are other things entered in rows 1-10 on the budget tab including some blank rows, so the starting place to look for next available row would be row 11 down)

I hope this all makes sense and someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance,