Laptop will not turn on

Toshiba satellite C75D-B7320

I have been having this problem for a bit. What had happened the first few times, was it just overheated and shut off and I was not able to turn it back on. But after holding it upside down and trying all the tricks people have written here (hold power button for 30 seconds with AC adapter and battery removed, then put in AC adapter and turn it on and then put the battery in) but they are not working this time.

This time what happened was a bit different- it was not charging, so I looked up what I should do to fix it. Someone said it may be that my battery is dead and I should remove it and see if it starts charging without it. I removed it, and my laptop completely shut off. It has been hours since then and I have not been able to turn it back on. I've tried laying it upside down, I've tried all the tricks I mentioned above. But it will not turn back on. However, it now seems to be charging! I plug it in and the charger light turns blue, even with the battery out. But when I remove the AC adapter the blue light turns off. Am I doomed? Did I fry my CPU or something by removing the battery while it was still on?