Keyboard issues: Asus eeepc x101ch

Maximus - May 26, 2016 at 09:16 PM
I have been having a very irritating problem for almost a year now. I have an Asus eeepc X101CH netbook. The keyboard doesnt work as its supposed to. Some keys are mixed up and some do not work at all. Only some keys like q,w,r,t,z,x work normally.The thing is i dont use it much other than to watch some movies and stuff so i didnt pay much attention. But my pc is broke and i have no option other than to depend on this now for the time being but i cant type because of this issue.
This problem popped up suddenly out of nowhere, then after some months I did a windows installation and everything worked fine except the * symbol. But only for a day then it reverted back to the same problem. This time some other keys which didnt work were now working while other functional keys didnt. after some months the monitor wouldnt start up so i got it to a mechanic and he said it had a faulty IC(dunno what it means) and needed replacing. Afterr repair i found the keyboard working perfectly but once again it reverted back to the same problem only after a day.
I tried alt+shift,alt+enter,fn+numlock(it wasnt on) changing region to US english everything. I only didnt have the chance to check with a usb keyboard,i plan to do it this week. After everything i dont think its a hardware trouble rather a software one?
Need help ASAP! Thanks in advance