Black Screen after login

So i just got a new computer which is currently using Windows 7. I started downloading some of the programs i want on my laptop. One of these contained a virus of some sort. The ones were you get tons of unwanted programs. While this is far from the first time this has happened to me, i still got quite shocked about how hard it was to actually get on top of all these programs. Since i just got this computer i hadn't installed any antivirus.

When i finally got it under control i downloaded Malware Bytes, which worked for me in the past. And it did. It found what i wanted it to find, and i proceeded to quarantine the files. At this point i left the computer running because i had some school work to do. But when i returned, probably one and half hour later, it was just showing a black screen. I can see my courser and move it freely, but theres nothing else except for a little "Settings" in the bottom left corner. When i Alt+Tab, this turns out to be the Windows Script Host, but i can only access this by alt+tabbing. I can't open it by clicking on it.
Ctrl+Alt+Delete works and i can easily acces the task manager. But thats it. There is no start button or anything.
When i acces safemode its the same thing.
Im quite a newbie to this, as you can probably tell, so i got no idea of what to do.