Copy and paste check box last row

Roy - Jun 17, 2016 at 05:37 AM

I am trying to use check boxes in order to copy and paste values over to another worksheet automatically.

This means multiple items need to append onto the other worksheet leaving a row between eachother.

Is there something i can do to make this work?

this is the formula i am currently using, but instead of having a specified area of selection when copying too, i would like it to pick up the row below the last used row

Private Sub CheckBox1_Click()

Worksheets("WebADI").Range("C19:Q272").value = Worksheets("Allocation").Range("K9:Y262").value

End Sub

Private Sub CheckBox2_Click()

Worksheets("WebADI").Range("C274:Q536").value = Worksheets("Allocation").Range("K273:Y526").value

End Sub