How to extract Date Before a particular word in a cell

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Hello All,

.I have a particular column in an excel worksheet that contain something like

"AUXID9016700# 16/06/2016 8:54:25 AM call received from victor 08039234478 for emergency escalated to Simon (DJ) #16/06/2016 11:44:06AM-Simon informed James assigned (DJ) 16/06/2016 3:13:20PM Simon informed Teddy is presently at site(DJ).#18/06/2016 9:40am Simon informed job done. Report details later(SM) #20/06/2016 2:08:18PM-Simon informed partial contact was rectified tested okay. MRP 09771, hour 6000. Time in 11:00am out 12:45pm Grace (DJ)"

How do I extract the date and time before the word MRP?

Note: The position of the word MRP varies in the different cells and the word may appear more than once in some cells.

Thanks in anticipation