Phone or my SD?

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Sunday June 26, 2016
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June 26, 2016
- Jun 26, 2016 at 09:36 PM
Help, I just bought a 16 GB sandisk micro SD card. When I I try to send file with an app called "SHAREit" from my other phone which has my old SD card to my current phone with the 16 GB, something bad Is happening.

The total size of all my files from my old SD card is 4gb and and it takes about 40 mins to send. While sending, it already reached 4 GB but the sending keeps going on. Now the time became -1 and increases, it became like "5gb/4gb".
When I canceled it, it all turned into files without an icon and no name or file extension and has 0.00 bytes.

When I tried using a laptop, it all became successful but when I placed the 16 GB SD card back to my current cell phone, it all became blank files.

When I send stuff from my old sd card with my current phone to the other phone with the 16 GB on it, it turns out well. But when I transfer the 16 GB back to my current phone again, it all turned to blank files again. What can I do? Is the problem my phone or the sd card?

Current phone:Lenovo A319
Stats: rooted
Other phone: Samsung GT-S5310
Stats: normal

(Even though I format it, the blank files dissapear but doesnt solve the problem.)

Please help me. Thank you.