No sound from ASUS Laptop A42J-C [Closed]


My laptop got no sound after format and change motherboard even using earphone. At first, volume bar did not show any movement when I play video. I'm using Windows 7 btw. So what I did:

1. Install audio driver from Asus website - still not working but the volume bar works.

2. Update windows - still not working.

3. Adjusting permissions - I googled and found this "There's an odd error in Windows 7 that can cause your computer to no longer give permission to any programs to access the audio device. This prevents anything from playing back audio. The quickest way to fix this is by performing a few commands in the Command Prompt." So I did follow the instructions, but after reboot, after loading it went blank.

So, I have no idea what else can be done. Please help!!

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