Find words within a cell, use a list to identify and place value [Closed]

Hi everybody
I would be really appreciative of any suggestion you might have. I have used a solution provided previously which was terrific however the solution was for find one word; I have a list which I have placed in a table which I would like to use to search a column for any occurrence and return a value as per the table.

For instance, =IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("*MILSATCOM*",D2,1)),"","MILSATCOM") works great for just searching for MILSATCOM, however in the 40K rows of data, I have 16 other systems I would like to identify and categorise to use for pivot table.

I can not string together all 16 search items.

Does anyone know a handy way to make this happen? Your assistance is greatly appreciated :)

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