Need help loading Memory stick to ITunes on my PC

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I need help in transferring my songs on two Memory Sticks to my ITunes on ASUS lap top using Windows 10 and Internet explorer.

The first one has songs that I downloaded from my own CD to my ITunes on my laptop. All 640 of them were lost when the Best Buy Geek squad transferred my old data was moved over to the new pc. Only the ITunes songs that showed were purchased and free. What happened?? All of the songs that were downloaded from the CD's in ITunes on the old laptop did not transfer over to the new laptop. I thought they were lost for a year, but recently I found them on the old machine and put them on the memory stick. Can I now put the songs on ITunes from the stick?.

The other stick is songs from another persons laptop that I want to put on my laptop.

How do I do this if possible? Please explain via non-tech language or point me in the direction to go. I am a rookie at Tech!!!!

If this will not work please point me in the right direction where I can store all of my music in one place and not have to worry about ITunes. I just want to listen to music!!!!

Thank you for your help in advance