Conditional Formatting to change value base on multiple conditio

Hi All,
I would like to get some help with conditional formatting. Let say that I have 6 columns with Cell 1, Cell 2, up to Cell 5 and Cell 6 as Overall checking. All 5 Cells(Cell 1 to Cell 5) have drop down list with A,B, and C as selection.
Based on my condition, all columns that select A will color Cell 6 with Green. Then If all cells select B, Cell 6 will have color Orange. And then if selected C, Cell 6 will have color Red. Here's the problem. I already got the formula for the condition above but less say that cells selected A and one cell selected B. In this case, cell 6 won't change it color to Green. So my question is that how am I able to change the color of the cell 6 base on selection on cell 1 to cell 5 that is greater than others.