Mind Blower: Search, Find, and Extract

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Hello there to this great community!

Hope everybody is having a good week.

My question/example to the community today are as follows:

I have 3 worksheets in the same workbook in Excel. Worksheet 1 contains a specific value per row in Column-C (let's say up to 400 rows).

Worksheet 2;Column-A contains those specific values from Worksheet 1;Column-C (however there are hundreds of thousands of rows). Each row also contains additional information/values that are unique to each row in multiple columns.

What I have been doing (hold the laughter) is copying/clipboard each specific value from Worksheet 1;Column-C row by row and manually finding (using Ctrl-F) each value in Worksheet 2, then copying the entire row into Worksheet 3 for collection.

This can be very tedious especially with hundreds of values/rows in Worksheet 1!

Is there an easier way where one can run a macro/formula to automate this?

I can provide examples if need be.

Thank you all in advance,