Moving text from one cell to another depending upon criteria

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I have written a program to use in the field when taking bids on roofing jobs. I can input the quantity of material needed from a long list of potential inventory. If a cell contains a quantity I want the inventory item to move over to a Estimation page that can be printed for a customer. For example if I have 2 Roof Jacks I want the Estimate to show "Roof Jacks, but not the quantity and then drop to the next line. Here is where it gets difficult for me. Lets say that C10 has an quantity listed in it I want a formula on the estimation page that says if C10 is >=1 to list the inventory item on that line, but If it is not true then to look at the next line C11 to see if it contains >=1 and if again not true look to C12 etc. If C10 is true then list the item and go to the next line on the estimation page and follow the same type of forumula to build a list of the items needed to purchase for a roofing bid. I tried something like =IF(C10>=1,D10,IF(C11>=1,D11,(IF(C12>=1,D12,0)))) but it does not work correctly. I hope that I made myself clear. If not I will attempt to try and explain in a different way or I could send you my work to be review. Thanks