Once the value is one, change cell in the right column

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I am in a struggle here :/.

Let's say I have a table with 2 data columns. The first one is "phase", the second one is a "due date" which can change according to the phase;

And 4 computed columns :
@Duration left : @duedate - today().
@Lateness phase 1 : if(@DurationLeft <= 0;1;0)
@Lateness phase 2 : if(@DurationLeft <= 0;1;0)
@Lateness phase 3 : if(@DurationLeft <= 0;1;0)

Now what I would like is three more columns which will stock 1 if the value of the left column (ie @lateness) is once = 1; 0 otherwise. as you have noticed; i cannot do it with a formula because the column @DurationLeft can go back to 0 if we change of phase...

Thanks in advance,

I hope i am clear !