Laptop shuts down on its own after few minutes of work

nikspandya Posts 24 Registration date Saturday August 13, 2016 Status Member Last seen October 4, 2016 - Aug 13, 2016 at 02:48 PM
My lenovo laptop suddenly shuts down on its own just after few minutes of operation. I can hear the fan sound and its not the normal sound as it was in earlier days. But it is not getting that hot. I was trying to install some temp monitoring software but in between the installation only it shuts down. Please suggest what to do?

Now i noticed one more thing : I started my laptop and did nothing and kept it on to see how long it remains on. It remained ON for more than 3 Hours, than after 3 hours I started doing some work on it like opened browser and downloaded something. Then it went off within few minutes. It may shut down doing anything like scanning, installing some software, playing video etc. I am attaching one picture which shows the temp and other stuffs.