Starting new sheet from info gained in sheet one

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I am trying to replace a hard cover book and a manually written piece of paper with the spreadsheet. I work in the building industry doing insurance repairs. Sheet one (Master job book) has all the information on a job: Job number (unique id), full name, address, loss adjuster, date job opened, excess to be collected, job description, date invoiced, amount invoiced and when invoice is paid.

I colour code each line depending on its status (awaiting excess to be paid, excess paid/job underway, invoiced, invoice paid and job closed).

My spreadsheet is getting rather long.

I have a number of queries....
1. Once a job is closed (colour coded dark blue) how can I hide it from view in my master job book (sheet 1)
2. When a job has no excess or excess has been paid certain aspects of the data on sheet 1 need to be transferred to sheet 2 (job bookings). I need surname, job number, address, job description and the date the excess is paid. Then there are two more columns - pencilled date, and action. When the job is completed the job is deleted off sheet 2 but remains on sheet 1.
I would like this date to transfer automatically when I update sheet one so as to not miss anyone off my list. Am I dreaming or is this actually possible for someone to do with basic excel experience.

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks