Cut paste data into the left cell of the row below

Yathin - Aug 16, 2016 at 06:31 PM

I have a worksheet with hundreds of thousands of rows and its conditionally formatted to show 2 different colors. Here is a screenshot of a sample of what I have

What I want is a way where it will pick a cell based on the color of conditional formatting and cut it and paste it in the row below so basically - B1 to be pasted in A2 (and this to happen to every "red" filled cell.

And then the second step where - the yellow ones B2 - to be pasted in C2 (and this to happen to every "Yellow" filled cell.

I am a newbie when it comes to excel so please if you can help give me a detailed answer or break it into steps I can apply.

Also I have ZERO knowledge of VB , so if your answer contains a code, please provide it to me as I cant build one.

Appreciate all the help.