Lost input to monitor directly after Windows Vista update

Monach01 - Aug 19, 2016 at 10:35 PM
After my husband died I had to store my machine for a year-and-a-half until I could get relocated . This morning, hooked it up. it had Vista SP 1&2, beforehand, it was very problematic. It appeared to load properly, my internet connected, but I could not get Windows update to work. So, I did a clean reinstall. First thing I did after it finished was run the update. 117 updates to be done. It took 4 hours and there were 13 updates that needed to be manually installed individually. None were Service Pack 2. I installed the first two, no problem. The third began...and then said it had to start the computer to finish..
.and that is the exact moment it all went South . When the machine booted back up instead of one beep which is normal it made 3 beeps. My machine powered on up with no other unusual noises however my monitor went from it's Blue on light to an Orange caution light with a pop-up that said no signal and then another pop up that says no input and that's where it is at now. I attempted cycling the power about 6 times. Nothing. It is a gateway GT5404 - I know it's a dinosaur, but I cannot afford anything else. please help me. This phone and I don't do internet well together. Thanks in advance. Mona

When I woke this morning it booted up normally. 10 updates to go on Service pack 1..it may have already crashed again. I couldn't stay in there and watch.