Adding new sheets based columns and moving rows to sheets

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Sunday August 21, 2016
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August 21, 2016
I am new to Excel and need some assistance.

Summary: I need to distribute cases to investigators from a raw data list. I would like to create a new sheet for each active investigator and assign the raw data as follows.

Case totals over 2999.00 will be on one sheet. Case totals under 3000.00 will be distributed to multiple sheets for the active investigators. Active investigators are indicated by a X or Y in the active column. I also need to add grand totals to each sheet.

I expect to have 3000 – 6000 rows on the raw data.

Current Sheets: Raw Data - VISA, PINS and Legions Totals
Investigator - Investigator-VISAPINLegionsTo

1. Create new sheets.
a. Name the sheet, the Investigator, column A
2. Move Raw Data rows on to new sheets (details and totals)
a. Totals > 2999.99, Move rows to sheet CGregg
b. Totals < 3000.00, Move row to each remaining sheet. if Investigator Column B = Y.
c. Add Grand Total to each sheet (sum totals)