Excel Calendars and how to modify them

I am doing a Calendar for my work. It will include 3 tabs. Tab 1 will be a list of events going on and the date that event will take place. There are 9 different types of events so they are color coded. On Tab 2 is the actual calendar where I would like information to auto fill in the specific dates from the ones in Tab 1. Right now it shows "assignment due" when there is something scheduled for that date, however it doesn't show another "assignment due" for every event for that specific date and I would like it to. also I would like the "assignment due" to be the specific color that the date and event is from Tab 1. How do I get it to show more than one "assignment due" and for it to correspond by color from Tab 1?
Now for Tab 3. Tab 3 is a week look at any week specifically selected. As of right now if the week has a day that has an assignment due it just says "assignment due". I would like it to have the event listed that is in Tab 1 and be in the specific color it is in from Tab 1. Also I would like it to show multiple events if there are multiple events on the same day. How do I do this?
Your help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you in advance for your time!