Need to have a row of data automatically transferred

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Saturday August 27, 2016
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August 28, 2016
Example: I have 12 Tow trucks labeled T30-T41. I have to keep track of all maintenance done on each truck and the cost for the budget. If I have a master sheet with all maintenance for all trucks, and 12 seperate sheets labeled T30-T41. How can I add all maintenance to the master sheet and have it automatically copy that row to the Sheet based on the truck number???? Let's just say I started in the month of August and want to have all jobs for T30 added from the master sheet to the T30 sheet and then automatically update the T30 sheet every time I add a job for T30 on the master sheet in the future. I have Truck Number is A1. Services in A2, such as oil changes and rotating tires. Then the Mechanic Shop that did the job in A3. The date of service in A4. The mileage on the truck at that time is A5. A6 is part cost. A7 is for labor cost. A8 is the total cost.