Dell E7450 screen blank after startup


The user was experiencing display issues with her screen. Laptop was docked with an external monitor attached. Windows was trying to open documents to a no-existant 3rd screen.

While troubleshooting the issues the display driver was uninstalled & the screen went blank. after restarting the laptop the Windows logo displays and then the screen goes blank (WIndows startup sounds can be heard).

Tried Using FN+F8 without successs
With safe mode the display works.
When in safe mode or using RDP the display adapter shows the driver as "Video controller (VGA Compatible"
Connecting to external display does not work
Uninstalling the driver brings back the above driver.
Error message when trying to install new drive rom Dell site "System does meet minimum requirements.
Resetting the BIOS did not resolve the issue

Dell e7450 i5
Windows 7 (32bit)