PowerPoint to HTML5 App Troubleshooting

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Thursday September 1, 2016
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September 6, 2016
Hello! I created an "app" using PowerPoint, which I converted to HTML5 (using Zamzar) and uploaded to Dropbox as a host. Almost everything is working as I want it to, however, I only want to see one page at a time - right now, it looks like a fancy PDF on my phone. Any advice on how to save, convert, or build this so it looks as app-like as possible? Also - is there any way to hide the address bar to make it appear more like a true app environment?

A few things to note: this isn't a true app, rather it's a link I'm creating for devices that allows my employees to access information and documents quickly from their phones. I can't use third-party downloads to convert anything due to company restrictions on my computer.

Thanks in advance!