Verify dates in 2 cells < specific date - write Yes or No [Closed]

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Thursday September 8, 2016
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September 8, 2016
I'm looking for a formula which will look at 2 cells in the same row which contain dates or may be NULL and determine if either of them are greater than a hard coded date..... Null would be No.

Col(a) Col(b) Col(c)*Formula/Result goes in col c
Row(1) 01/03/2015 12/07/2010 Yes
Row(2) 12/07/2016 No
Row(3) 12/01/2015 12/07/2011 No
Row(4) 01/03/2016 Yes

If row(1)/col(a) or row(1)/col(b) are less than "12/31/2015" write "Yes" or "No" in row(1)/col(c)

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