Issue: Linked Worksheets won't autopulate format

I'm trying to create an excel workbook that keeps track of each of my files which are labeled by the client's last name and file number. Each file on the master worksheet is broken down by 4 large tasks which are color coded. Each task along with its designated color is broken down into subcategories. Each task has its own designated worksheet.

I need my master worksheet to auto populate data and format when I add or edit data in each worksheet.

I also need each worksheet to auto populate the client's last name and file number when I add or edit it in the master worksheet.

Right now my master worksheet auto populates the data but it will not auto populate the format when I edit it in the linked worksheet for that specific task.

After I solve that problem, I'd like to create a code to highlight the row of designated cells once date has been placed into the final cell of that row.

Please help. I don't know how to do this.