No signal after Game start

Stuttgarter - Sep 10, 2016 at 09:58 PM
Hello, I got this problem since two weeks. I started a match (CS:GO) and when the match started, I had no signal anymore, but I was still able to hear some noises from the game, but couldn't leave also the game. And I've this problem with all games. I can't play any games except Hearthstone or Minecraft (I think because they're .exe files).
Once I started my Computer, Windows wasn't able to boot. There were after the loading screen long green dots in the middle. I reseted CMOS and everything was fine again, except the games.
I've already reinstalled nvidia drivers like 10 times and reinstalled win10 once. I also downloaded the new anniversairy update. But still no difference.
And the cables aren't also the reason why my games don't work. I've tried HDMI and DVI-D.


Monitor: Asus VG278
Graphics card: msi gtx 970 (372.70)
processor: intel i5 6600K
motherboard: msi z170i (mini itx)
power: 850W