Laptop won't boot up with battery only

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Hi all, fantastic that knowledgeable people spend time to help others in this forum/

I've seen numerous Boot Up problem on this forum and none of them correspond exactly to mine which is

1. Press switch on button. Without charger (battery only): fan wakes up, the led turns on for 1 or 2 seconds then stops.

2. With charger (with or without battery): same thing happens than in 1 BUT after sopping it reboots (once, rarely twice) and then it works fine.

3. After this boot "in 2 steps" I can remove the charger (with battery loaded of course!) and it works fine.

4. I can reboot the computer without charger, no problem.

5. only if I shutdown, the same problem as described in 1. will occur and I will have to plug the charger again (with this boot in "2times").

6. I tried some advices found in this forum
6.a "tilting" the laptop when pressing the switch on button
6.b unplug charger, remove battery, press the switch on button for 60s.
6.c recalibrate the battery

without success. More info:
-this is a ThinkPad Edge 220s (battery is "built in", need to remove screws and keyboard to remove it....)
- this is not a software (windows) problem, I have the same problem without HDD loaded.
- the battery is not dead, I can work 3hours with it.

Many thanks