Laptop not starting up

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Tuesday September 13, 2016
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September 13, 2016
So here's the story

My laptop only had 4gb of integrated ram and a free slot so I added another 4gb. Ever since, my laptop acted a bit weird. I now decided to get rid of the ram I added and after doing so, the laptop didn't start up anymore.


The ac led is working fine but whever I press the power button, the power led turns green and that's it. No fan, no display output, nothing. I also can-t shut it down either, not even by holding the power button for 5 or more seconds.

I tried removing battery, ac and holding the power button to drain it, didn't help.
I tried adding the ram back up but still same problem.
I can't access the other ram since that would void the warranty.

Any ideas? I am thinking my motherboard is dead