Laptop wont turn on


Prepare yourself, but here goes.

I have an hp 15 laptop that used to run like a dream. Well, one day my cat went and peed on said laptop. Dispairingly, I went to my dad, who works with computers, to see if he could help. He took it apart, cleaned it out throughly, and gave it back. It worked like usual for the rest of the night and I took no mind. I closed it like I usually do and put it high up in a place she couldn't possibly reach. The next day, I went to turn on my laptop. No dice. Nothing would light up, nothing would turn on at all. Brought it to my dad again and he said something about the power button. We replaced it, and it worked good as new. That is to say for the rest of the night. I went on it today, and the same thing happened. The only thing that would light up or give me some reaction was my charger light, which I unplugged and plugged in several times. I'm at a loss of what to do, and with the cost of laptops and help, I really don't want to go see a proffessional if I don't have to.

Is there any suggestions to what the problem is? Please help!