Wifi only seeing my device as unidentified local access

Shaz - Sep 15, 2016 at 04:10 AM
I have a dell Inspiron vista 1440 old laptop which I use but when it is plugged in I am not seeing house icon for my internet through my Bt infinity hub which is appearing in the network screen to connect to despite it showing on the screen I am only seeing my device as unidentified local access only. I have accessed Bt help desk gone through procedure but I am still not being identified for some reason the hub net work is showing but I cannot connect fully through the wireless connection in the house. There is another device being used in my home by my son newer version American laptop and he can get on it as I set him up when he arrived it was fine had to put wireless key in etc and mine was ok yesterdsy as believe his device was off. For some reason I believe I am not down as the primary server person now despite me setting this up for him. Last night I went on my laptop and all I'm seeing is unidentified public network local access only no internet yet signal showing excellent How can I resolve this as it should work for me and my son what do I need to do to rectify this it didn't even work with Ethernet cable either just says its trying to identify me. I assume something has happened with my computer wireless settings or his somehow and need some guidance as to what to do please help thank you